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                    4. INTERNET A GLOBAL VISION

                       5. DAY SCHOLARS Vs BOARDERS




                                                                   9. SAARC



The candidates who are declared by UPSC as having cleared the written exam or recommended by Preliminary Interview Board (PIB)in case of Territorial Army (TA), as well as those shortlisted in Direct Entries are called through Call Letters to appear for SSB (Allahabad/Bangalore/Bhopal/Dehradun/Mysore/Varanasi/Coimbatore) at the Centre allotted to the candidate. There have instances when the call-up letter fails to reach the candidate and the onus lies on the candidate to be alert and contact the office after a reasonable amount of time if the letter is not received when UPSC written has been cleared. Similar is the way for service candidates, except for that their movement is intimated to their seniors via movement orders. For navy there are three selection centers all over India i.e. Bhopal, Bangalore, Coimbatore. For Air Force the selection centers are situated at Dehradun, Mysore and Varanasi. For Army the selection centers are at Allahabad, Bangalore and Bhopal. For example a selection center is divided into many SSB boards such as, the Bhopal SSB(Services Selection Central) center is a combined board for Army and Navy, is situated in Sultania Infantry Lines. There are four boards in Bhopal, they are named as numbers, For army it is 20 SSB, 21 SSB, 22 SSB. For navy it is 33 SSB. There are five boards in Selection Centre East, Allahabad, again named as numbers, 11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB, 34 SSB.

  • Day 0 (Day of Reporting)

Reporting on the center is usually one day before first day of testing. Time of reporting varies from center to center. Sometimes the candidates need to report on the same day of testing i.e. DAY 1 or Stage I. On the day of reporting, the candidates are required to verify their educational documents from assigned staff. Candidates are then allotted chest numbers or a vest on which a number is printed on it. This vest or chest no. becomes the identity of a candidate, as it is easier to identify a person by a number than his/her name. The chest number is also used while interacting with fellow candidates during testing. The results are also announced by calling the chest numbers of recommended candidates. Candidates have to return their chest numbers whenever they leave the campus of a selection center. SSB is a two stage process. To qualify for Stage II, a candidate needs to clear Screening Test or Stage I. On the date of reporting, the candidates are picked from the railway station and during the evening, certain Forms and Travelling allowance forms are filled. Candidates are also briefed on testing schedule and general instructions, which must be followed throughout the duration of stay in selection center.

  • Day 1 (Screening Tests)

On the next day, is the Stage I, in which candidates are given Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal), then there is a Picture Perception test, in which a slide (hazy or clear) is shown for 30 seconds, the candidate has to observe it very carefully and in the next one minute he/she has to mark number of characters seen in the picture in a box made in the sheet provided to them and the main theme of their story. First the mood of character whether in positive, negative or neutral, then approximate age and sex. Candidates also need to identify one character which they saw first, which is often termed as Central character or main character of story they are going to write, this character's details should be encircled so that assessor can identify which character has been observed by the candidate as a main character. In a 4 minute time candidates need to write story, it is expected that a candidate should write a story in 70 words or more. Candidates are advised to write the story on the picture shown to them but some candidates describe the picture which gives them a disadvantage over others. Once the written part is over then comes the second part which is the continuation of first part i.e. written part, the candidates are given their sheets back to revise there stories and were told to sit in semicircular fashion for a Group Discussion. First each candidate will narrate his/her story in one minute without looking at sheet to the rest of candidates one by one, in the duration of one minute. Often the candidates take more than one minute to narrate their story, in that case the assessors give chance to next candidate. As individual narration of stories ends with the last candidate, it is expected that the group should start the discussion and come to a common story, as it is obvious that all candidates can perceive the same picture with different theme or background and a different story from one another. This sequence is popularly called PPDT- Picture Perception and Discussion Test. After the completion of these tests, results are announced and those who do not make it in this attempt are dropped back to the railway station and the successful ones are retained for 4 days of detailed assessment. A certain number of candidates are short listed based on their performance in screening round, rest are sent back. The screened candidates are required to fill the Bio Data forms known as “Personal Information Questionnaire” (PIQ). PIQ is very important- there must be no cutting and consistency in each of the four or five copies of PIQ you are to fill. PIQ is also the basis for the individual candidate interview, which is scrutinized by the Interviewing officer before the interview of the candidate.

  • Day 2 (Psychology Tests)
  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)- Commonly known as Picture Story writing.

TAT is very similar to PPDT, but here the candidates are shown clear pictures, in which the candidate has to observe it for 30 seconds then needs to write a story on it in four minutes. There are total 12 slides are shown, 11 slides will be shown one by one i.e. after 4 minutes and 30 seconds the next slide will appear. There will be only one answer booklet for all the psychological tests, and will be provided only once, no supplementary sheets are provided. The twelfth slide will be a blank slide where a candidate is supposed to write any story of his own choice. But here candidates will not be marking the no of characters and related information, also there will be no group discussion on it.

     2.Word Association Test (WAT)

WAT is the second psychological test of SSB selection process, in this test the candidates are shown a word on a screen for a period of 15 seconds, in this time duration the candidate has to write the first thought that comes in his/her mind for that word. Total 60 words will be shown one after another( i.e. between each word the gap will be of 15 seconds). The answer sheets will be provided to candidates only once, candidates are required to make no mistakes such as unnecessary cutting or scribbling. There will be no blank slide, as in the case of TAT, so candidates should not write any response on a blank slide. The words shown will be very simple and of day to day use, this test will not assess a candidates proficiency in English language. If a candidate is not aware of meaning of a certain words he can skip that word and wait for next word to flash, and write the response for the next word. The main idea is to maintain the sequence of responses given to the word, the maintenance of sequence is important, as assessor can derive the result systematically for the respective response.

  1. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  2. Self Description Test (SD), or a variation of this like description from the point of view of parents, teachers, colleagues, neighbours etc.

Total 15 minutes are given to write their responses

  • Day 3 and Day 4 (GTO Tasks)
Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test (Third and Fourth day)

The following tests are conducted in this category :-

  1. Group discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Half Group Tasks
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  7. Command Task
  8. Lecturette
  9. Final Group Task

Note:Interview :- (Held during afternoon/evening hours on 2nd/3rd/4th day)


  • Day 5 (Conference)

On the final day, every Assessor and the candidate sit together for and have a chat- the fate of the candidate for that SSB is decided by the Assessors collectively there. The candidates are required to appear before the complete Board of Examiners composed of President, Deputy President, all the psychologists, all the GTOs, and Technical Officer.

After the Board Meeting of every candidate is over,the final result is declared within ½ an hour. Selected candidates are required to stay back for their medical examination (takes about 3 to 5 working days) in the Military Hospital nearby or at a different place and the remaining candidates are dropped at the Railway Station.

For all the tasks one has to face at the SSB, confidence of speech and expression is one thing that is heavily noted. Making your weaknesses as your strong points is an art which can be done only through positive attitude. Truth is something regarded at every point of life and SSB is all about how one views life, a realistic wonderland or a pessimistic terror land. Be true and confident, it is a full proof system of testing checked through experiments over a long period of time.




1. G-20 of new beginning

The world is divided into different groups, asked developed and developing economics. G-8 is a group of eight countries which are economically most Edwards countries of the World. On the other hand, G-5 is a group of five countries which are the developing economics of the world. Every year, the heads of the eight states meet informally in bun of the eight countries discussed the one issues. Since last five years, whenever this group meet, they invite G-5 also. The aim being exchanged ideas between their loved and loving nations to stop this yet to, the meeting of G-8 boss had in Italy the head of G-5 but also invited.

 G-8 Countries

 There are USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada.

 G-5 Countries

 These are India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico.

 G-20 Countries

 It is now recognized as the main bottom to discuss key economic problems raised in the Ward. In addition to G-8 and G-5 countries, the other economic included in the group of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, Argentina and European Union.

Few years back the meeting was headed at Pittsburgh, USA on 24 September 2009. It was being debated by the West and ugly at that no solution can be found to the recession and other is of the economic rebound the participation of the developing comics. The important the condition at the meet. Stimulus package to continue as the economic showing signs of recovery. Developing board succeeded in getting a higher order by 5% at the IMF. Foreign investment will be speed-ed up forbidding infrastructure as to what countries. The economic short discredit protectionism.

 The meeting was a great success. This had lifted in signs, showing recovery in the economic of world. The outcome of the summit is very encouraging to India and developing world. It is a good beginning that court late to major gains of the world community.


2. Generation gap

 Every old man complaints of the growing depravity of the world, of the indifference and impatience of the rising generation. There has always been conflict within board and the young. The order people having seen more years, write themselves on their system and the expedience and consider it their right to dictate to the Young. They forget that the world is a whole generation order and wiser than men the father was of his some stage.

 If this conflict has existed in the past, it is more announced and more acute today. Beyond living in times of speed. Changes are taking place at this base. The car model of 2000 is outmoded in 2003. They should be equally at the keyboard to our ideas and notions. The ornament failing to adjust himself to the rapidly changing environment rate on the new generation. As the amount the aging man of limited and get sensitive lives, not in the public world of atomic physics, and conflicting allergies, of welfare states and supersonic speed but it in his sticky private universe of physical weakness and mentally decay.

 Different generations

 Every age and condition must be as free to act for itself in all cases as the Aegis and generations, which preceded it. The vanity and resumption of learning be in the grave is the most ridiculous and innocent for all data needs. In our country, the pasta was over the young heads and their reward. Our social customs are moth-eaten and was be discarded like a thing of twice. After centuries of tiny, which we have unpredicted on the agent within, we have failed to relent to stop cost but it is his God in our social behavior and the ordinance in question moves along the world but, the youth of today wish to have a clean break that is behavior. They will organize himself to so the man, educate them make their own East Ina and more hygienic, dying at them, that many them and give them feeding tube complete utility and connectivity. If the Ordovician gets scandalized, afford is their own. The young men are only cleaning a stables. Then remove the organ chords of defense because of these have been found wanting. Consider again our marriage customs. Manage, which is seldom agreement, and going in for life long partnership is made of business position. So much prescience money flows down the drain lavished and busiest feasting, resulting in tremendous whiskeys or for, extra widget illuminations in an environment of secular power crisis. The young man of today cannot put up with this organized silliness and would grasp this Saudi scheme of things to check that it to bits. It is a different matter that he would draw the rate of his elders.

 People and the nation in generation

 All young people born to kick up their heels and defy convention and crusty traditions. And that brings about the confrontation between the young and the board that charge them with lack of ideas. They forget that you itself is an ideal, a way of looking at things in a freshly unfettered by the conceptions and prejudices. They must be allowed to revert the world into their hearts desire and it really be a much more beautiful, much happier, much more peaceful world.


 It is indeed one of the technical tragedies of youth and it is the time of the tragedy that young are thrown mainly that adults.

3. Sex education and it’s Merits

 Imparting sex education in schools of India has remained a new table issue. Like many believe that it should be taken up in the schools, other field that being a delicate subject, that ensured he be dead children's in this regard. The children's fault that 20,000 to the I more of that than more decadence but at the same age or to see and the Mas media. The onslaught of the foreign Legion general has farther led the youngest is adopted the use. The patterns have fretted the negative impact of the foreign media propagation among the children's. Service indicate that on an average every of unsorted watches television for two hours daily. The overdose of 130 and crudity predicted in the Indian cinema and video albums could make the fondness blush with shame.

 Sex and diseases

 Sex education to the younger generation was fired because of the alarming increase of the human immunity virus (HIV) to its in India. The major cause of the spread of this disease to a healthy person is to the physical listener ship that and its victim. Having once this disease, science cannot provide remedy to the victim, because no cure has been discovered so far. The human immune virus causing it gradually went and woke and the party immune system. The patient suffer from CVS loss and weakness, battier, pneumonia and of host of other diseases. The diseases has seven series attracted to it, hence the patient are generally not get for by the familiar and lack of guidance by the patient and the society at large, lead with their debt of such victims. Save the life of seven liberal youngsters from contracting the disease, the veteran short field than the to attribute their children. They showed be explained the importance of appointing moral value and applying once in choosing partners.

 Carrier of diseases

 Another reason at for imparting sex education in school is the spot in incident of physical resorts on the minors. According to the WHO study, one in every 10 children sexually abused. Such incidents takes place because veterans showed that the authorities of educating their children against such abuse by the editors. It has also been noted that the most of the time the person found guilty of as art on loan to the victims. Children being native, fall victim with the advances of the editors. They are forced to live with a coma on their lives in are unable to recover from it. So when the child is minor, and should educate them to avoid talking to the stranger and not to yield by street and chocolates. At home they showed be asked to maintain unreserved behavior. Simple adequate off developing one's behavior, and it isn't and how to sit and world oneself in the company of us, should be incarcerated at and every age. Children should never be left off guard by their parents.

 The per teens and a bit of evidence seems in the time when children's expedience changes, mental and physical. They begin to see the world in the much mature of it. And at this stage, treat them as children, why did they want to assert that age. The division gap between their size and their parents widens at the stage of that action. This is an undercurrent of hesitancy among the bad and disgusting the problems faced by their teenage children. The children being inquisitive done to their friends. They are gained access to the misinformation through cheap photographic look at it on ideas, which instill them but present ideas.


Sources of adults

 Bands, in India on loan hide debt affection towards each other, in front of their children stop date resort distinct lack of emotions which is a tradition of the British when it comes to displays of love for their spouse in that presence of their children. The children grow up to believe that love is to dabble and is resolved to display once affection in public. Hence, display of proximity by a black Oracle shaking hands, looking hands enhance or even talking becomes an object of attention are ridiculed. This makes the children the city is developing friendship but that was it six, and it worked means being defend to the norm laid down by the society. That ensured understand the psyche of their children. Subjects, which are cost of as taboo by them, would be pursued by the children who break the Orthodox videos. Bands short intimate that children in the meaning of love. The love they display for the children, by giving gifts, shading and getting for them, can be shown for each of the two by behaving like perfectly normal friends. Such a way of conduct of the patterns words that each other would instill of them the feeling that love not only means sharing and getting fought each other, it also means accepting and supposedly be of the other.

 Problems for children

 Giving the time of the lenses, that ensured befriend their children to have them pull up it the changes they undergo dealing disputed. A secure family atmosphere, getting that going yes, Woodard made them whenever and immoral acts. That ensured talk with their children more often will give them the feeling of the security in the family. This would make the children open up their problems and had the patterns totaled out the cause. Interaction with the friends of their children also would give an idea about their background and the minds of the younger lot. The band shoot it in children's as confident and bomb them again developing friendship with immoral friends. They should also not it that misadventure, and does in my younger, because of improper items. They should be taught about the justifications of such misadventure in later life, who had them face their life properly.

 Children should also be pulled that love off life above some sort begin off distorted life, as education would give them letters and the maturity to handle for responsibilities. They must be made to understand that every stage in life comes at a sucking age and stays for it at. Intensity preceded school life, which gave way to college life and late that the pursuit of an occupation. Most days in life repeats itself and gives vague to the next stage. Rather than turning their backs to the sponsor release, if bands in concerted the crew essence of love in their children, there would be a reduction in several kinds. That ensured except that responsibly these, which would make the job of the school authorities sex education in schools, less cumbersome.


Education and Child

 School being the second home of the child, should also field responsibility towards him. Though the niche of seats of learning are sold at home, school life remains and indeed a part of every choice that development. If bands rise up to their sponsor ladies, the mission of the school in propagating sex education, and the students would be achieved. Bands might find it difficult to come to terms with the growth of their child. But in some schools, they would be collectively educated with the help of special features, psychologists are medical considers. Fans may sometimes find it impossible to resort their children's writers, these would be looked after by an expert. Sex education in schools would dispel many of the mites they wouldn't among children. This would also discredits them from gaining access to magazines. Many of the micro conceptions would only do it out from society if sex education in school is taken up for the benefit of students and the community at large.

 Health education

 The best way to tackle the problem is to introduce a subject called Health education rather than the sex education. This is also because the Indian mindset would always think of some thing fishy in the subject. The subject would be immense with help who these children and would fulfill the needs of classified information regarding their physical changes. It would in done be of immense help to our country as we would be able it will save a lot you make from being vanished.

SSB Interview:

 Interview-Ten Golden Tips To Top In The Interviews:

Appreciate the wisdom of being clean, neat and tidy when you present yourself before the interview panel

Interview Board: See that you have good haircut and that your nails are clean. Comb your hair well. Remove sweat, oil, dirt, etc., from your face and forehead. Make sure that no bad odor or smell emanates from your face. But you can certainly do a lot to improve it. Your appearance should show that you are an orderly person. Therefore, do take care of your grooming.

Mind your clothes: You should dress well suited to the occasion. Your clothes should not be gaudy or showy. You must present yourself in a suit, preferably of dark or somber colors. Your collar must be clean, well pressed and starched. Similarly, your shirt handcuffs should also be clean. They should not be frayed in the ends. You must wear socks and shoes. See that the socks are pulled up. Shoes must be well polished. You make the first impression with your clothes and the way you dress yourself up. If your clothes create an initial unfavorable impression you will be hard put to neutralize it during the interview. Similarly, with some care for your clothes you can begin the interview with your right foot forward. It is therefore very essential that you turn up for the interview, smartly dressed.

Etiquette, manners and courtesy can help you a great deal in tilting the interview in your favor: Before entering the room, gently knock at the door and announce yourself. You can politely inquire whether. You could go in. You must enter only when you are bid to do so. Enter calmly with confidence. After entering, greet those present according to the time of the day, e.g. 'Good morning, Sir,' 'Good afternoon, Sir', and so on. It would be ideal if you could stand to attention while greeting them. While paying compliments and later while addressing the Chairmen, or the Members. Generally address yourself to the Chairmen as he represents the entire Board. Wait till you are offered a seat. Then thank the person who asks you to sit down before you are offered a seat. Then thank the person who asks you to sit down before you take your seat. If you are not offered a seat, continue to stand and answer the questions from that position.

Avoid mannerisms: Sit straight and look up. Do not keep shaking your knees, tapping on the floor and so on. Stop coughing or adjusting your throat every now and then. Atop playing with your tie, collars or coat buttons. Do not lean on the table and rest your elbows there. In fact, you should cur out all unnecessary movements. You can and must be relaxed.

Smile and be cheerful: While entering the room, while greeting the Chairman and Members, while thanking them and while listening to them keep your smile on. See that you do not start yawning during the interview. You should look keen, interested, pleasant and enthusiastic. A smile helps you in all these.

Speak distinctly and audibly: Do not either shout or mumble. Pronounce your words full and give emphasis to the syllable where required. Speak in such a way that all those present could hear you without straining themselves. Speak with interest and enthusiasm. Your voice must sparkle and vibrate with spirit. Do not drag or sound monotonous. Speak to the Chairman or to the Members and not to the floor, roof, table or wall. In other words, look into their eyes while you speak.

Be attentive and look attentive when the Chairman or the Members speaks to you: Listen carefully to what they say and do not ask them to repeat themselves often. Do not close your eyes while you want to concentrate. Also do not interrupt while they talk. Allow them to complete the question or remarks before you give your reply or comments.

You must avoid arguments: Do not challenge the opinion of the Board Members or the correctness of their statements. Express your views with tact and consideration. Avoid criticizing others. Do not find fault with others. If you are in the wrong, admit it and apologize immediately. Never give excuses. While giving your conclusions, proceed in a logical manner and adduce valid reasons. Do not be self-opinionated.

Do not bluff, boast vainly and shoot lions: State the fact accurately and be modest while describing your achievements. When you do not know the answer, be frank and tell them so. Never generalize or make vague guesses. See that you do not waffle. While you speak, you must be able to hold the attention of your listeners with interest. You should never become a bore.

Act with confidence, hop and assurance: Be positive and optimistic in your outlook. Remember, it is not so much what you say, but how you say, that mostly determines your success in the interview.